It is well understood that the most (65% ) common electronic failures arise from thermal cycling. Repeated thermal cycling and thermal shocks will, over a period of time, cause a mechanical break in one of the components or interconnects rendering the entire system inoperable. The importance of a computer’s thermal compound cannot be overstated; is the system’s first line of defense against extreme thermal stress and failure.
PlaystationTM heat sink thermal grease failure after only light use for a year. Photo shows loss of approximately 50% of useful thermal contact area.  With IC Diamond you will never see this kind of failure.

When a thermal compound fails temperatures can spike 40C and the resulting thermal shock can lead to a cascade of mechanical problems like thecracked solder joints pictured here. (Picture Courtesy of

Typical examples of ‘pump out’ on the left and ‘bake out’ on the right. In both examples, the liquid in the compound has dissipated through thermal cycling or high thermal loads. The loss of liquid leaves holes or voids in the contact area which in turn increases temperatures and speeds up further loss of liquid. Note the one on the left failed here after only 400 hours cumulative run time.

Desktop Compound Failure
Game Station Compound Failure
Notebook CPU Compound Failure
Accelerated Thermal Stress testing
Notebook compound initial failure only 4 months after application. Many retail compounds sell on performance and an easy shortcut to performance is to add excess liquid to the mix. The resulting crème-like mix spreads easily and has a low contact resistance for good thermal performance but also has decreased long term reliability..
IC Diamond solves this type of common failure problem by incorporating only a couple % liquid with the simple concept as specified by OEM's to increase reliabilty is to use less than 10% in any thermal compound mix as it is harder to bake or pump out a solid.
Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity of any material @ 2000-2500 W/m-K and maintains  its superior performance across a range of conditions that would cause most compounds to fail.

Pictured above is an accelerated test demonstration of IC Diamond's durability. The Thermal compound test samples are sandwiched in between two 3X10 glass slides. Test result was run for 20 hours at 150C, the center picture ICD is IC Diamond, the others are top selling retail performance pastes. The competition compounds feature the formation of voids,  and span the range of initial failure to complete failure. IC Diamond  was observed to have no visible points of failure under these conditions. The picture is back lighted so the void formation is clearly visible.
Additional Testing

   IC Diamond has been tested in a thermal cycling chamber - from -40 C to +85 C - for up to 250 cycles (with the copper block heated with 130 W of power (along with a fan heat sink) and found no change in thermal performance / thermal resistance of the grease.

    In another thermal test  IC Diamond was placed in a thermal chamber for a continuous 1000 hrs @125 C with no change in thermal performance.

    In a separate test we pulled "full vacuum" on IC Diamond with a mechanical pump for ca. 65 hours at room temperature. The resulting ... weight loss was almost immeasurable - 0.3 mg out of 6.2222 g. This works out to be 0.0048 wt %.

9 month application
Notebook Contact and Reliability Issues

Data aquired from laptop endusers revealed an average of 10 degrees C higher temperature than your average overclocked desktop PC.  so included here are some examples below as what you may encounter.

A closer examination with Fuji Pre-Scale  contact and pressure film with subsequent data analysis demonstrated generally poor contact across the board which would significantly affect long term reliability. Heat transfer with  this unequal contact distribution  accelerates thermal compound failure requiring early replacement. With the exception of the last example in the series this sample group all had poor contact.

The very last picture in the group below Is a copper shim modification done by a end user  to increase contact on a laptop CPU. The dissassebly with IC Diamond after 9 months can be seen to have good contact and pressure and appears as a fresh mount with the liquid appearance.

Superior Reliability
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