Slowly Pouring Those Ice pellets In
  Gilgamesh of, well known on many UK based forums since winning the Universal abit 2006 contest! Since then he has moved onto new pastures and achieved second place at the Gigabyte UK overclocking Contest (GOOC) Having been a water cooling specialist and for the first time using sub-zero cooling (Dry ice) and with the help of Innovation Cooling ICDiamond, he managed to win  2nd place*

* Sponsors Note It should be observed that this was Gilgamesh's first attempt at sub cooling, competing against several teams using LN2 and only one of those besting his score, all in all a remarkable showing.
Dry Ice Competition Set up
Since then Gilgamesh refuses to use any other thermal compound and is
quoted as saying.

For water and sub-zero cooling (dry ice) The IC diamond is the choice compound for me. It helps even when cooling with water to achieve higher overclock results with a noticeable temperature differential. I flatly refuse to use anything else! It would be a fair statement to say though this was the first time I have ever used sub-zero cooling; the Diamond compound by innovation cooling DID help me to achieve a top award.

I look forward to using the Innovation Cooling thermal product in any
contest I take part in.

LookingFor Those All important Bios Settings
Scores-oct Second
Second Place Award
IC Diamond Elite Member Gilgamesh
Notice: Giglamesh has recieved free IC Dimond compound for Innovation Cooling promotional purposes and for his own use and as of August 2013 is now a reseller of out Product(s).
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    IC Diamond Elite Member Gilgamesh