How it Works
Thermal compounds can be described as a porous media in which micro particles are suspended in a liquid, typically a synthetic oil. The resulting porous matrix density is determined in part by the mix of particles and how they contact each other. Additionally, the ratio to the amount of liquid will also significantly impact the final compressed density.

The high liquid content found in many performance compounds of diluted density provides expanded paths for the liquid to leak, migrate or dissipate from the joint due to thermal cycling with pump out or by vapor losses due to bake out  from extended high heat loads. High liquid content in a thermal compound initially provides good performance due to reduced contact resistance, however that performance dissipates along with the liquid.

IC Diamond minimizes this  porosity problem by using as little liquid as possible (4%) and by a mix of selectively sized particles that are chosen for maximum contact between particles. With the decreased porosity,  liquid loss is minimized as well as maximizing thermal performance fully utilizing diamond's  superior thermal conductivity.
Thermal Paste w/High Porosity
IC Diamond w/Low Porosity
Figure 2.
IC Diamond's variable particle selection has a tighter particle contact/distribution that when under pressure creates a seal that minmizes or slows liquid loss due to it's low porosity. While liquid loss can not be avoided entirely the effect with IC Diamond as there is so little liquid compound shrinkage and void creation are virtually non existent.
Figure 1.
Highly liquid compounds with high porosity feature voids that alow free(er) liquid movement making them vunrable to liquid loss which can be accelerated under high thermal stress conditions leading to the bake out and pump out type compound failures.
Quality Assurance

Every effort is made by innovation Cooling to provide the finest quality product possible. At each stage of IC Diamond processing it is  held to the highest level of standardized industry practice providing uniforn quality and consistancy for the end user.

All ingredients when recieved are QC's all material for size, shape, consistency etc. to mil spec.

IC Diamond is then processed mixed  in a clean room environment with the compound heated and under vacuum and then packed in air tight sealed containers. 

Example of Diamond's Superior Conductivity
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